How to Tell If Your FWB Has Feelings for You

While not everyone is out there looking for the love of their life, most single folks would agree that physical intimacy is still incredibly important. Apps like Tinder have made it easier than ever before to find a friend with benefits (FWB), someone who doesn't want to be tied down to a relationship but who still seeks a little bit of sexual fun with someone that they know and trust.

These types of relationships are often non-verbal agreements where both parties naturally just know that there is nothing more to it than great sense every now and again. Those perceptions can shift, though, with one of the two people involved starting to develop feelings that go above and beyond the FWB relationship.

Sign 1: He/She is Jealous of You

So, how can you tell that your FWB might now be looking for more from you than just a tumble between the sheets? One of the more obvious signs is that they will appear jealous or try to steer the conversation in another direction if you start talking about another sexual partner. When you have an FWB, it generally means that you are not looking for a monogamous relationship, so their getting bent out of shape about one of your other sexual conquests may be a sign that they are developing feelings for you.

Sign 2: Calling & Texting

Unless you are really good friends with your FWB, chances are you won't be in touch that often. If you find that your FWB starts calling or texting on a regular basis for no particular reason, chances are they may be starting to fall for you. Also, if they get upset that you did not respond to their messages in a timely fashion, that too could be a sign that they are looking at your more as a boyfriend or girlfriend than as someone they hook-up with every now and again.

Sign 3: Show Up At Your Place Unannounced

Another sign that your FWB may be looking for more than what they are currently getting is if they start to show up at your place unannounced. That may be fine if they are looking for nothing more than a little bit of fun in the bedroom, but if they are just showing up to hang out with you, then that might well be a problem. The same rules apply if they start showing up at places you have checked into on social media. This is a sign that they are monitoring your movements so that they can be where you are.

Sign 4: Frequency of Hook-ups

Frequency of hook-ups can also be a sign that your FWB is developing feelings for you. Sure, you may be great in bed together, but if those more frequent meetings don't end in sex, it may just be that they are looking to perhaps monopolize your time and make it more difficult for you to see other people. If any of the things we have mentioned are happening with your FWB, you have a decision to make. Do you want to take the next step with that person or keep things as they are? If they have developed feelings, you may not have the choice of the latter if taking things to another level is not on the table.

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