Why FWB Does not Usually Work out too Well?

All relations have some ups and downs. Whether it be a father son relation or a husband wife relation, all relations have some sort of drawbacks. Same is the case with a friends with benefits(FWB) relation. If you are in a friends with benefits relation and things aren't working out too well, don't be surprised as many others are going through the same. Here are a few things which could be responsible for a bad end or the bumpy ride in the relation.

You're less considerate of the other person's feelings

No matter how mannered and considerate you are with others, at some point you do not take your partner seriously as you know it is a temporary relation and will not last. It is a mutual understanding for some fun time. You don't want to have anything serious between you two and when that is the case there might be a chance you may become a little inconsiderate which the other person may perceive as a rude behavior. All of us want to be respected and want to occupy the first priority slot in each other's lives. If you get the feeling you are not first priority then you don't automatically don't want to be at that place or with that person. After all we are human beings and human beings are highly intelligent-social creatures.

You may fall in love

Another reason could be that you have fallen in love with your partner and your partner doesn't want a long term relation with you. When this occurs you may get hurt and this can a huge psychological set back in your life to you. Some people only want to get sex and they don't want love. Some people only want to spice things up in bed without feelings and they associate love with sex. This is very natural and it is very common.

Sexual needs are different from emotional needs for many people. If you have fallen in love with a person who does not reciprocate then you will develop low self-esteem or feel redundant. This problem is so common in today's society. When you are in love you naturally want to spend more time and be with the person. This can be perceived as clingy behavior and could be very a very unattractive feature. You don't want to put yourself in an awkward position by falling in love. You need to stop yourself from falling into love. This is why they say friends with benefits is not everyone's cup of tea as it is not suited to everyone.

Financial Burden

As the friends with benefits relation is all focused around sex and love making, this can be actually more un-affording than a regular long term relation. You may have to buy expensive booze or Vodka. Before you go to your room may you would want to a see a movie at the cinema. To get to the point of friends with benefits you may have to gift her expensive gifts before she agrees to spread her legs. Same goes for women. If you want a hot guy in bed you may have to lure him with expensive alcohol or Cuban cigars.

Sexually transmitted Diseases

When you switch sexual partners more often, the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease increases. Having one night stand may get you herpes. Once you get herpes it never leaves your body and you become a carrier for your whole life. You could also contract other types of diseases too. You don't know what the other person may have. Always use protected sex with strangers. If you are not a fan of condoms then the risk of getting diseases is greater. Always keep this in mind.

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