What Is It Like to Have an FWB?

FWB stands for "Friend With Benefits." It's a term you've likely heard of plenty of times, whether from friends or from popular culture. In fact, there's a movie with that exact title starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

The idea of a friend with benefits is that you have a non-committed relationship. You enjoy each other's company as both friends and in bed, offering the chance to gain casual sex from someone you trust and respect. And the trust and respect are essential.

What's it like having an FWB? The experience isn't the same for absolutely everyone, but here are some of the ways life will be like with an FWB.

It's Good for a Casual Relationship

When you have a FWB, you get a casual relationship but you keep the friendship at the same time. There will need to be ground rules on what happens as friends outside of the bedroom and when you call on each other for a booty call.

This isn't just about having someone you can call when you want sex. The idea is that you're friends first and you do things that friends do. However, when both of you are interested, you can take things to the bedroom.

If you want a casual relationship with someone you trust, then you should try some FWB sites. Turn to someone you trust and respect, especially if you're both interested in each other.

You'll Need Plenty of Communication

It's important to make sure that communication is part of your Friends With Benefits relationship. Without communication, this just doesn't work. After all, you're meant to trust and respect one another, right?

You'll need to set ground rules for communication. When will you call on each other? What happens if one is busy? Make sure you communicate when there you end up in a committed relationship so the FWB relationship needs to go back to being just about friendship.

Communication is also important to discuss what you want in life and what you want to gain from this relationship. What do you want to try? Are you looking to explore sexually with someone you trust?

Good communication can take off the pressure from the sexual part of the relationship. It's easier to keep the friendship part of the relationship.

Intimacy Can Bring Other Feelings

When you start an FWB relationship, you may have an agreement not to develop deeper feelings for one another. This is about the casualness of the sex and you don't want a committed relationship. You don't want that friendship to change.

However, intimacy in the bedroom will bring a chance of feelings. Your heart can start to get involved, even though your head tells it not to. These extra emotions are often difficult to fight against.

This is where the ground rules come into play and are essential. You both need to have a rule of what happens when the Friends with Benefits relationship moves into something more meaningful. What happens when you start developing intimate feelings for each other? What if only one of you wants the relationship to move to the real deal?

It's important to set these rules from the start. It's all part of the communication. And if feelings do start changing, you'll need to make sure you communicate that afterward.

These Relationships Can Be One-Sided

Never feel pressured into entering a Friends With Benefits relationship. Likewise, never pressure someone else into entering one. They don't work for everyone.

The relationships can be one-sided, with the arrangement designed to benefit one person in the couple. If you love and respect someone, then you'll make sure they're happy and gain something from this relationship and vice versa.

This doesn't mean the relationships are always one-sided. Nor does it mean they're wrong. They can be excellent for sexual exploration. They can help you discover what you want or need from a relationship, while also gaining more confidence in the bedroom.

Sometimes the relationship will move from friendship territory to love. If you're both happy with that, then go for it! If not, then you need to look back at the ground rules you set.

A Friend With Benefits relationship can be fun and an excellent way to gain casual sex with someone you already like and trust. It's important to make sure this is a mutual agreement. Feelings can change and rules are important. With good rules and communication, you can end up with a fun and explorative relationship with a friend.

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