What Do Guys Think About Friends with Benefits?

Friends with benefits or FWB is a two way street. You have to check in with how everyone is feeling and making sure no one is catching the feelings. Men have a wide variety of opinions on friends with benefits relationships. From preferring them over all others to wanting to dabble in them, to avoiding them at all costs. These relationships and their opinions towards them can be as diverse as the people you are asking the questions too.

Guys Think About Friends with Benefits

The guys who are cool with friends with benefits

Many guys are cool with the idea of FWB relationship. They could be using that relationship model as a way to coast in between regular relationships, and as a way to keep company at night and a way to stay sharp as a way to communicate and hook up with women. This may just be what they prefer as a stand-in for regular relationships as well.

As FWB finder makes friends with benefits or one night stands more available to men, they may forgo traditional relationships and stick to having no strings attached hook ups with friends and strangers. There are guys who will take whatever comes their way. Be it a steady hook up that friends with benefits will provide or a full-blown relationship or even a one night stand. These are path of least resistance daters and hook up people.

Remember that in any casual relationship that communication is key and that you should always check in with your companion about how they are feeling about the situation.

The guys who are lukewarm toward friends with benefits

These are the types of guys who don't typically dabble in the hook up culture but will to a certain extent. These are the guys who may have always had a thing for one of the girls in the friend group and as a substitution for the real relationship turn to a steady hook up with the girl. While this will traditionally lead to issues it is undeniable that this does happen and it does happen often.

Here you also find your guys who don't typically go for this sort of thing but do indulge that urge when the perfect situation arises that can pull them out of their refusal to hook up with friends or acquaintances.

The guys who never participate in friends with benefits

Believe it or not, there are still large portions of men who do not participate in friends with benefits or simply have no interest in participating. Many of them view it as a way to lose female friends or create an unneeded tension or unfavorable dynamic within the friend group.

Men may also abstain from friends with benefits just because it is something that they have never done and are much more interested in establishing an actual relationship over short-term companionship. Beyond the traditional, old school daters, you also have your individuals who are religious and do not engage in casual relationships at all as a way to respect the dating process.

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