How to Turn Your EX into FWB Relationship

Turning your ex into friends with benefits relationship is not as hard as people might think. With the fwb dating apps listed on our site, it is very much easy to make the FWB relationship work long even after the breakup. So what exactly do you need to do? Well, first, it is important to let go the emotions and work on making the relationship come alive. Here are things to do so as to make FWB relationship work with a person you broke up with.

Keep the Contact after Breakup

It is good to keep the contact details with you so that you can use them when you are ready to begin the FWB relationship with your ex. Therefore, make sure you still have the contact with you. After the dust has settled, you can use the number to begin proposing but in a systematic approach. Don't just go into asking if you can be friends again. Start with a totally different approach so that you can easily tune the person into accepting the FWB relationship. Most people make the mistake of losing the contact details after break up with their ex. So how will you communicate when you want to begin FWB relationship? Keep the contact.

Start By Chatting Using the Dating Apps

On the dating apps, you are likely to find his/her profile. Even better, if you had met through the dating apps, you can use the same profile if it is still actively being used. Don't be so nagging, just wait for the response and strike when it is time. Therefore you might have to begin a conversation about a totally different topic not related to a relationship. You can begin by talking about some activity you always enjoyed together before the breakup. Therefore, look for that topic that he/she always wanted you to touch on and begin talking about it.

Look for Signs

After conversing about different topics, you can then determine such a time when your ex is ready for the discussion about being your FWB. Well, people are different, and probably he might not be willing to answer you immediately. Wait until he/she can reply and don't nag him/her so much. If he responds quickly and it's to the affirmative, then there you go you can begin dating. Start meeting immediately but be ready to work on maintaining the FWB status since it might be hard to maintain it that way. Otherwise, you can get back together if you think it can work this time.

Meet Him / Her Regularly

Although it is an FWB relationship, this is someone you were dating earlier, and you can meet as regularly as you want. However, the relationship is on different terms. Make sure you and your ex, are ready to cope with the new terms and set boundaries on what can happen and what cannot happen in your new relationship.

Being in an FWB relationship can tempt you into getting into a formal relationship. As long as you can agree it's a no strings attached relationship, then you will be okay to be in the relationship.

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