How To Turn A Friend Into FWB?

Friend with benefits relationships are incredibly fun. Finding the right FWB can be a bit difficult. Almost all of us have had a friend or two we wish we could turn into a FWB. Most of us would think that it isn't possible but you can turn your friend into something more with a bit of work. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you need to do to turn a friend into a FWB.

One of the first things you will want to do before reading the below steps is ensure that you want ask your friend. You need to be prepared for a friend to shoot you down. It is also possible that they will not want to be friends anymore. Often times this is worth it though, so let's keep going.

Friend into FWB

Try To Initiate Sex First

A friends with benefits conversation always works better if you have had sex before your try to ask your friend if they want to be a FWB. Try to casually initiate sex with a friend you want to turn into a FWB. This step is hard because you want the sex to happen naturally and don't want to push too hard but in most situations you will need to put some effort in.

Be Flirty

When you ask your friend to be a FWB it is important to be lightly flirty. You want to turn your friend on and make them interested without laying it on too hard. Try light sexual comments without getting overly descriptive or obscene in any way.

Keep Up Good Communication

Whether you are in a traditional relationship or a FWB relationship, communication is essential. You should check in regularly with your FWB. Making sure they are doing okay and are not needing some hook up time is always important. Don't stray too far into conversations that friends wouldn't have. You want to keep your relationship casual.

Discuss Boundaries And Expectations

Both parties need to be in agreement about all aspects of the FWB relationship. Talking before your set your relationship in stone is an important step. You want to set boundaries such as when you can talk, where you can go together, and how far you can go. At the same time setting expectations is important. Your partner won't know what you want if you don't tell them.

Keep each other up-to-date on both boundaries and expectations because they tend to change as life happens. For example, if one of you becomes interested in dating other people seriously, it is important to bring that up. Again, communication is important.

Keep It Casual

It is important that you keep your time together something casual. You don't want to get your relationship confused with something more than just sex. If you spend time together outside of having sex, it should be as friends and should not involve any kind of date.

Take Your Time

Most friends don't become friends with benefits over night. You need to be prepared to take your time in changing your friend over to something more. Start by working on being a bit flirty and initiating sex then work on the rest. Don't try to push from step to step to step in the same day. Sometimes it can take weeks and it all depends on your relationship with the person.

It may take time to turn a friend into a FWB but it is completely possible. You can't force the situation though. You can only guide it the process along the way. Going in prepared for the turn to take time will help you to be surprised if it takes less time. It will also help to prepare you for success.

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