Tips for FWB Dating Online

Finding a relationship online is a difficult prospect. There are so many people online that getting paired up with the right one can take a bit of work. Finding a friends with benefits relationship online can be even harder because many people are just looking for a one night stand or a serious relationship. Want to know how to find a friend with benefits online? Take a look at these tips.

Don't Rush In

A lot of people who want a friends with benefits relationship start out by talking about it right off the bat. Sometimes in the first message. When you go straight into talking about a FWB relationship you might scare people off. Most FWB relationships start like any other relationship, you work your way into it. You are supposed to be friends after all.

In other words, you are looking for something that isn't no strings attached. First you are friends, then you are people who have agreed to have sex.

Don't Pick The First Person

Someone has messaged you back, they are just as interested in you but they are the first person who has messaged you back for FWB with your online dating. Just because no one else has messaged you yet, doesn't mean that they won't. Take the time to evaluate the person and see if they are right for you. Don't just say yes because they are the first person who messaged you.

Meet Somewhere Else Besides Your Bedroom

You might be excited to get down to business and meet at the bedroom but the first time that you meet should be at a normal location. Try a café, bar, or restaurant. Any good FWB relationship starts somewhere other than the bedroom. This helps you to develop the friendship that makes an FWB friendship more than just a one night stand.

Don't Be Too Serious

The last thing that you want to do when you are looking for a FWB is be very serious. When you are overly serious people will get the wrong impression about your goals. You want to be relaxed and act like the person is just a friend. Let this reflect in the messages you are sending and on your online profile.


Whether you are in a friendship or a more serious relationship, communication is key. You need to make sure that you communicate your wants and desires when looking for a FWB relationship online. That doesn't mean your first message goes into your fantasies. What it means is that you are open and honest with each other.

Open Your Mind

Finding a significant other is often pretty hard, you have to narrow it down to your likes and dislikes and see if the two of you are compatible. However, if you are just looking for a FWB relationship, all you need is to be friends and find each other attractive. Because this is the case, opening up your mind will give you a better chance of finding a FWB.

Use Alternative Dating Apps/Sites

Looking for FWB and not a serious relationship? Then don't use the traditional dating websites like Instead you want to use sites like OkCupid which allow you to set your preferences to casual sex or friends. This will open more options and reduce the number of people who are looking for serious relationships.

Another option is to use apps like Tinder from Tinder Alternatives where you can swipe left or right on people you like then talking with them.

Use Non-Dating Sites

Not having much luck on dating websites? Maybe it is time to find a friend on another website and start out as friends. You can work your way from friend to FWB with any acquaintance so that forum or game website you belong to can also turn into a way to start FWB dating.

Friends with benefits is actually the desire of many people around the world but finding them is not always the easiest task. With the internet though, it has become a lot easier. Just make sure that you take these tips to mind and look with a passion. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy your friendship.

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