Tips for Being a FWB after a Break Up

Being in friends with benefits (FWB) relationship may be different than the traditional version. But breaking up can still be a traumatic experience. This is especially the case when you have been in such a relationship for some time. While the purpose of friends with benefits is about keeping emotional ties to a minimum, as human beings once such as relationship has ended, especially when it lasted a considerable time, the feelings can be strong.

Here are a few tips for those who have recently broken up their FWB relationship, including how to cope with your feelings and what steps to take next.

Take a Breath

You may be feeling somewhat confused that a casual relationship can have such an impact once it has ended. After all, the purpose of being together was to have no ties outside a sexual relationship and perhaps some more casual encounters. However, there is still a connection that forms and for some the loss can have a considerable impact.

So, take a breath, reflect on what you have been through, and give yourself time to put your feelings into perspective. For some, it may only last a short time while for others your sense of loss may last longer, it is different for everyone.

Think Before You Jump

There's something to be said about the old saying of 'getting back on the horse after being bucked off', but it needs to be for the right reasons. Before you take the next step, reflect on your previous FWB relationship on why it ended. If there was something to be learned from that previous experience, you'll want to apply it to your next relationship. Perhaps your breakup had nothing to do with you, perhaps you could've acted better, or perhaps you are ready for a relationship that goes beyond friends with benefits.

If you conclude that perhaps your feelings got in the way of your FWB relationship, then you might want to consider whether it is the right type of situation for you. Not everyone is right for FWB and you will need to decide if your breakup was a one-time issue or something deeper about yourself.

Listen to Your Feelings

Everyone is different, so there is no period of waiting that will be the same. Some might not want to start another relationship for a while and others may not be able to wait to jump back in. In any event, you will need to be ready before starting up another FWB or perhaps more serious relationship. Your guide should be your feelings, but remember that you shouldn't let them prevent you from enjoying a new opportunity if you've had enough time to process your old feelings.

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