Is Tinder the Best Option to Find Friends with Benefits?

Swipe Apps for finding a FWB are all the rage right now, including the biggest name in the game, Tinder. That little flame logo is synonymous with hooking up with hot strangers in your area. But is the app still king of the jungle or has someone else come and come the caught them sleeping? If you are looking to find a friend with benefits in your local area or on your travels, should I trust the app or should you head elsewhere for your hookup?

Tinder Friends with Benefits

Tinder Has a Bot Problem

If you hop on Tinder, you will occasionally come across a too good to be true profile of what either appears to be a blurry celebrity picture or you'll see a match with their distance moving too fast for the average person to travel. That's because Tinder is attached to Facebook and all these bots need is a fake Facebook account to waste your precious and finite free swipes.

Tinder Uses Facebook

You can only have a Tinder if you have a Facebook. That's great for those of us who don't want to remember more than one passwords, but bad for those who value confidentiality or those who attached any value to their personal information. Anyone who comes across your Tinder profile will be able to Facebook stalk you back to your original profile.

Tinder's Premium Version is Budget Friendly

There's a finite amount of swipes available every 12 hours on Tinder and with a premium account you can swipe to your heart's desire. The premium Tinder or Tinder Gold can have you swiping till you fill your inbox with messages. It does come at a cost, but it's a little cheaper than your traditional dating sites.

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Tinder Lets People Know You REALLY Like Them

The Super Like sends the person you really want to talk to a push notification letting them know they have been Super Like'd. It also gives them a hint as to who gave them the notification by leaving the bottom of their profile picture blue. It gives you a little edge in getting that coveted right-hand swipe.

On Tinder You Might Never Get to Talk to the Person You Want

While other FWB dating sites allow you to send unsolicited messages to any and all users with a mailbox, on Tinder you only get to message a user if you both have mutual interest. While it ups the chances you will get a response from the person you reach out too, it does get frustrating when that special someone doesn't ever show up in your matches.

Tinder is Unforgiving

If you accidentally swipe left and you lose the potential miss right, you have to delete the app and wait a period of time before you get the chance to see all the best matches again.

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