Some Necessary Tips You Should Remember

If you are confused about what NSA or FWB relationships mean, basically, these are abbreviations for No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits. In today's world, these kinds of relationships are the best options for people who are allergic to long term meaningful relationships. If you just want a good company and satisfactory sex but don't want to get attached to someone, go for a NSA and FWB relationship.

It goes like either this - you are good friends with someone and you like them and they like you so you decide to make things interesting in the bedroom and not expect too much from each other, for example, you can't expect monogamy in your relationship. Or, as an alternative, it can go like this – you meet someone for a date and find out that you like them and the attraction is mutual and you get into a no strings attached or friends with benefits relationship. But it might not be as easy as it sounds in real life. Read below to know how you should go about it if you are planning on it.

Steer Clear From Friends Who are Dear to You

The consensus says that the first way of dealing with FWB relationships, i.e. being in a sexual relationship with a friend who is close to you is a bad idea, whereas, you may try it with someone with whom you are friendly with but do not share an extremely intimate relationship. Sex is important but you don't want to have fun at the cost of losing a good friendship and that's what will inevitably happen if, God forbid, something goes wrong.

Make Sure that You Both are on a Mutual Ground

In FWB relationships, complexities arrive when both are not in the same boat. If you want no string attached relationships but your partner has feelings for you and vice versa, things will stop being fun sooner than you can imagine. Be very clear and honest about your feelings in this arrangement and listen carefully to the feelings of your partner as well.

Make Sure that Both are Deriving Equal Pleasure

Since friends with benefits relationships are all about sex, what's the point of it if you are not enjoying it as much as you expected. This kind of relationship paves the way for people to be adventurous and experimental. Discuss what your fetishes, tastes and preferences are, because there is no shame about having consensual sex, even if it's kinky.

Be Respectful of Each Other's Private Space

Never forget that your FWB partner is there for sex, not necessarily for emotional support. So, do not expect anything else from them; he or she is not going to be your number one on speed dial. Do not expect them to give you all the attention. But if any of you are seeing someone else for a serious relationship, you might want to discuss about it with each other and maybe maturely break it off.

There are many online FWB dating apps and websites these days that can easily facilitate you if you want to venture into it. So, what are you waiting for, go check them out, you might just find the one you are looking for!

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