How to End FWB Nicely? Here's What to Know

Whether you're the man or the woman involved, ending a friends-with-benefit (FWB) relationship is no mean feat. While you live with the idea that one day you have to come out of the relationship, it becomes tricky just to dump a person who has become part of your life. All the same, there are better ways to end a complicated FWB relationship. Read on to find out.

Why Ending an FWB Relationship Sucks

While you're not technically in a serious relationship, a friends-with-benefits relationship has more than one side like a mathematical polygon. Breakups are always painful, but for an FWB relationship, it becomes even awkward. The following are just a few reasons why this kind of breakup sucks:

Sometimes You May Have a Strong Attachment to Each Other:

It becomes more difficult to break up if one of you already has a strong emotional attachment to each other. In that case, you're more than just friends. This is possible when one of the partners is not in a relationship or has an emotional problem.

Sometimes You May Be Co-Workers:

If working under one roof, it might be difficult to break up with an FWB partner. This can be awkward to an extent that it affects your major decisions at the workplace. It might even cause irreparable damage to your career.

There Could Be a Sharp Negative Reaction From Your Partner:

Due to the strong emotional attachment established between you two, there could be a negative reaction from the aggrieved partner. In that situation, things might get out of hand and lead to a verbal or physical attack.

Tips for Breaking up Nicely with an FWB Partner

While you can't avoid it, you should initiate a breakup in a manner that will not hurt your partner. Here are important tips, which you can follow to end an FWB relationship nicely.

It's Easier If You Have Not Had Sex:

Sex brings deep emotional attachment and intimacy. Besides, sex corrupts rational thinking, and you might not end the relationship at all. If you decide to end an FWB relationship nicely, it's advisable to refrain from sex, especially a few weeks before the turning point.

Initiate the Breakup through a Text:

E-mails are tacky; so, you could try SMS or even a phone call. Remember this was a no-strings-attached relationship. If text fails to deliver the desired results, proceed to the next tip.

Choose a Public Setting:

Your partner may simply ignore your texts. If that happens, you can ask the partner out in a neutral setting. It could be in a restaurant or a shopping mall, where you can do it without creating a commotion or being coerced into sex. Avoid romantic places at all costs.

Finally, yet importantly, be direct and tell your partner that you're no longer interested in the relationship. Remember, you owe no explanation, but if the partner insists, you can say that your ex is back and you're trying to work out things for your previous relationship. That could be the best excuse ever!

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