How Long Can A Friends With Benefits Relationship Last

Relationships have become complicated for the new generations. The latest thing that works for most people is "friends with benefits" ship so that both partners get what they want from a relationship without going into the complexity of conventional lifestyle of couples.

Usually, these relationships tend to be more honest as there are not underlying meanings or hidden expectations. It is a given and take relationship that works for both parties. However, one wonders how can friends with benefits last? Or how long can it last for?

Look Closely

It is interesting to look closely into what the relationship means. It is all about finding the right kind of balance. And It is true that sometimes people end up catching feelings for their partner but it does not have to be the same for everyone.

If both partners are able to take what they want and give what is demanded, there is nothing to be worried about. These relationships can last for a week or years depending on how well-managed it is.

The Boundaries

The first step that counts in having successful friends with benefits relationship is that both of the partners set some boundaries. You should not involve the other person in your personal life too much. It is often observed that couples who follow this rule tend to last longer in their benefits ship than others.

After all, it is the whole point of having this type of relationship. You can get the sex, occasional dates and a few other perks without having to do things that an orthodox relationship demands. You can also extend your relationship by making sure that you do not get obsessed with the other person.

FWB Is Simple

Instead of checking up on them all day long with texts just give them a call when you need them. It is as simple as that. Neither of you will be emotionally invested in the other. Otherwise, it can end in a heartbreak that you are not ready for. FWB relationships are all fun and games until one of you starts to have feelings for the others.

You can avoid it by avoiding too much contact. It is like a business deal. You do not have to ask them about their day, their health etc. because it is another sign that you are starting to care too much. Although FWB sounds like the most tempting type of relationships it can be just as consuming as others.

In the end, the length of such relationships is dependent on what your goals are. If you know what you want then you will not give in to temptations etc. If you are not looking for vanilla-romance yet crave company, FWB is the way to go.

It will last for as long as you can make it work. Just respect the boundaries set by each other so that both of you are comfortable. When you want more, you can talk to them and let them known. Until then, you can have fun for as long as you want.

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