Is It Good To Have Casual Sex With Your Best Friend?

You have surely heard about the term 'friends with benefit.' There is an old saying that friends can't be best friends until they sleep together. Well, it hits the mind of many that having sex with someone requires a certain relationship; boyfriend or girlfriend. But, this type of relationship comes with some responsibilities and expectations.

While having casual sex with your best friend frees you from the tension and worries of the conventional relationship. You can have a lot of fun without having emotional attachments. But, you need to take some things into consideration first, before hitting the bed with your best friend. Otherwise, you can destroy your relationship with your friend.

Be sure to set some rules

This goes without saying that, casual relationship is all about having fun and satisfaction of sexual needs. So, you need set some rules, e.g., both parties will never get serious (about the relationship), if something goes wrong, both parties will walk without any regret. It will only be for the sexual satisfaction of both or one partner. Don't tell others etc. This will help you in judging and maintain the nature of this relationship.

No strings attached

As stated earlier, casual sex allows you to have fun and satisfaction without having the worries and limitations of relationship. Both parties will never blame each other for anything. This is a very important thing as it will allow you to be stress-free. Eliminating emotional attachments from sex makes it a lot easier.

Take responsibility

Always consider the consequences of your actions. It is ok to have casual sex with your friend but know that once you step into this territory, there is no going back. Ask yourself some questions; will you be able to abstain yourself emotionally? Will you be ok, if your best friend is in a relationship with someone else? How will you move on?

Don't lie

Don't lie to your partner, if something is troubling you. And don't wait and speak up. Because if you are not ok with something, then it's better to tell your partner sooner than later. As lying will only cause further problems for you.

Know when to quit

Knowing when to quit is very important. When certain things start happening like when someone becomes emotionally attached, or someone is fed up, then it's time to end this. Because it will change the meaning of casual relationship, which will violate the initial agreement. It will only cause emotional damage to both.

Never get emotionally attached

That's probably the most important rule of having sex with your best friend. Sex is all about satisfaction with no expectations or affiliations. So, becoming emotionally attached will change the status of the relationship. It can damage the original relationship of 'best friends.' So, know that when or if you get emotional, it's time to end it.

It is bound to end

Having a sexual arrangement with a best friend is only temporary. It has to end. Time will come when both parties will have to move on. So, consider this before having such a relationship.

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