Have Casual Sex With A Friend

Friends with Benefits may be a taboo subject among collegiate. But there are advantages to FWB dating that should compel you into having casual sex with a friend. FWB can turn out to be more than just a hookup. It offers you many benefits that may not even be sex related. And these benefits can help you learn more about who you are and how you can improve yourself. Here is a brief look at why you should try this kind of relationships and why you should have casual sex with a friend.

Gain experience

The first reason to have casual sex with your friend is you get to gain some invaluable experience without any strings attached. Regardless of how experienced you are sexually, FWB gives you an excellent chance to solve your sexual baggage problems. It gives you an ideal first-hand experience about sex. After having casual sex, you become more aware about sex. And this will not only lift a weight off your shoulders. But it will also make you feel more confident about yourself.

Find time to have casual sex

Second, you can find time to have casual sex even though you normally live a very busy life. Having an FWB can prove to be very enjoyable and you get all the perks without having to carry any baggage. All you need to be careful about is not trying to turn your casual sex encounters into something more serious.

Fill a physical void

Third, when you try FWB sites, you can fill a physical void in your life. The first-hand experience you get can help you overcome the problem of being single. Having FWB on speed dial can prove to be truly exhilarating as well as comforting. Instead of binge eating to overcome loneliness and stress, you can enjoy casual sex.

Know your sexual preferences

Fourth, you get a good opportunity to find out more about your sexual preferences and sexual dislikes. You also get to learn more about sex. And it is a good way for you to experiment with your sexuality. The nice thing about having casual sex with your friend is you can go further and you can use this opportunity to expand your skills in bed. It is the best way of finding out more about what you want in a non-serious relationship. The environment is also easy and you can use this opportunity to find out more about what you are comfortable with and what you like and dislike about sex.

Strengthen platonic relationships

Fifth, you can use your casual sex encounters to strengthen your existing platonic relationship. If you have a mutual understanding, then you can have sex with no strings attached. This may even help build trust with your FWB and this trust will become stronger when you promise each other to let the other know should you become interested romantically with somebody else.

Although FWB has earned a reputation for being a sort of crash and burn thing, the truth is that if you approach having casual sex with a friend with an open mind, both partners will benefit. FWB offers benefits like being flexible and versatile. Unless you give it a try, you won't know whether it is a good option or not.

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