Gentleman's Guideline to Find Hookups Online

Whenever you are looking online for a casual date or hookup, there are many things you keep under consideration. Well when they say "first impression is the last impression", it is true. So let's discuss a few things which could count as a first impression and help you build trust before you actually meet.

Your Display Picture

Your display picture plays the most important role. You don't want to look too cool, as it would only attract teenage girls. Mature women tend to look for mature guys so you should dress maturely. Anything too formal may make you look too boring, unless you are dressed in a 2 piece suit. Just remember it is not an interview so it has to be a little casual. You can also have a few friends in your display picture as it reveals you are a social person and someone who likes to bond with people. If you are in a good shape, then you'd want to have a picture that covers you from head to toe. If you think you have a belly or you are too fat, then you may only upload a picture from head to shoulders or chest.

Be a man of manners

It is human psychology; the fastest way to bond with someone is to make fun of someone else with them. However, you don't want to overdo that, as it could portray you as too aggressive. So don't get carried away. A little banter is not bad at all but remember not to do too much of it.

Just go with the flow

Conversing with a potential hookup may not always be as easy. Sometimes the conversation may become less interesting for you. Try not to jump to a different topic too soon. Switching topics too soon may be perceived as inconsiderate. You should let the other person speak his/her mind too.

Don't lie

Don't lie about the Lamborghini and Ferrari cars you have! This is a pretty common mistake men make. People who actually own such cars don't need to come online for hookups! It may benefit you in the beginning but eventually your reality will be revealed and then it will be detrimental for both of you.

Don't be a gold digger

If you see someone with a lot of money, don't get flabbergasted and fall head over heels. Because if you get caught that your intentions are not dating, but about money, then you can put yourself in a very embarrassing situation. The other person may humiliate you in public and you may end up being the laughing stalk of your social circle.

Don't jump to intimate messages too soon

Try to control your hormones for a bit longer. You should try to keep your feelings to yourself until the other person becomes receptive to it and reciprocates. Share your thoughts and life, family, friends and your daily life for a first few times. There is no exact formula to reach this stage. You will have to take this initiative as you are the man but don't take it too soon. You don't want to look desperate. As that is very unattractive and repelling.

Don't be clingy

Whether you are a man or a woman, you don't want to be too needy or clingy. Don't flood the other person's screen with your messages. Don't make yourself too available as you will lose your respect and charm. You want to be missed too, right? So, don't get clingy.

Be Colorful and spread positivity

It is always good to talk about something positive. Whining about your problems is never a good idea. A person's attitude towards life is the most important thing. People love to be around positive people. After speaking to you, the other person should feel good about him. If you are a strong person and have positive ideas, you are already quite attractive.

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