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A lot of friends with benefits finders have appeared on the internet. While most of them are poor inventions, others are great ways to find friends with benefits. Determining whether an app or website is a great way to find FWBs can take a little bit of work. We want to help you along that path. Today we are going to be looking at a new contender in the category, Fwbdr.

Tinder has long been the solution for people who were looking to have hookups or friends with benefits. The problem is that Tinder was designed to be a versatile platform where you can find sex, dating, friendship, or just about anything that you are looking for. That means it can be hard to filter for those who just want a friends with benefits relationship.

Fwbdr found this something to be changed. The Fwbdr takes all of the beneficial aspects of Tinder, such as swiping and puts it into an app that is specifically for those looking for a friends with benefits relationship. While the Fwbdr website doesn't say much about the app, we have done some research to help you learn about the app.


The General Gist of Fwbdr

On the Fwbdr app you will be greeted by a stack of user pictures and their basic information. Much the way you would on Tinder. You can then swipe left or right on each profile. Swiping left means that you don't want to interact with the person. On the other hand, swiping right means that you like the person. There are also very clear buttons at the bottom that show you a button for like and a button for dislike.

You cannot communicate with other users unless they to have swiped right on you. The same idea that powers Tinder. This way you don't get a flood of junk messages. It also helps you to find the right FWB.


  • Sending Private Photos - Disappear after 24 Hours
  • Spark and Match
  • Censor Profiles Manually

Verifying Profiles

Many dating apps, including FWB apps, use an automated system to determine whether profiles are genuine or not. Anyone who has spent time on these sites knows that it is fairly easy for a fake profile to slip through the filters. You will get spam messages and fishing messages on many dating apps. That makes these apps frustrating and less effective.

Fwbdr changes this up. Instead of using a program to determine if people are real or not, they use real people to review all profiles. That means a real person is scanning each users profile submission and ensuring that it appears genuine. Much more effective.


  • 1-month subscription with auto renewal: $19.99
  • 3-month subscription with auto renewal: $39.99 (13.33/mo)
  • 6-month subscription with auto renewal: $69.99 (11.66/mo)

Why Join Fwbdr?

Without a perfect solution for FWB dating on the internet or in any of the app stores, Fwbdr hit the market at just the right time. The app offers the simplistic features that people wanted in a specialized dating app. Not just that, they offer it in the platform that people want. This has led the app to a growing number of users. More and more users are joining Fwbdr every day.

To further this, Fwbdr has worked hard to create a community of friends with benefits enthusiasts. Manual review of profiles and a high-quality app have gone towards creating a community of trust and safety. They also created the app to be free of explicit content. The idea is that you are finding the person you want to be with, not having a fun time looking at people's profiles.

Fwbdr was released at the perfect time. Craigslist's Personals section closing left a big gap in the friends with benefits and casual hookup arena. Fwbdr replaces that and improves upon it. Now you have a safer, more filtered alternative. An alternative without the downsides that got Craigslist Personal's shutdown.

If you are looking for a place to find friend with benefits, Fwbdr is a great option. Basic membership to use the app is free, but you can subscribe to their VIP service for $19 a month. On both the App Store and Google Play Fwbdr has over a 4.0 rating. With all of these positive factors, is there a reason not to try it?

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