Signs Your Friend With Benefits Is Falling For You

There are certain times when things change without you really being aware of what is in store for you. If you notice certain things, then you can be sure that something is afoot that you may not have anticipated. Here is a brief look at some signs your friends with benefits is falling for you.

Watching pilot shows over and over again with you

When your friends with benefits starts to watch a pilot for a series over and over again with you, you can tell that something serious is underfoot. This is being done because somebody wants you to like the same things they like. One of the things that show things are moving fast is when talk revolves around the pilot series. The truth is there are hardly anyone who wants to re-watch a pilot show with someone they do not care for.

Talks to friends about you

Second, when your friend with benefit starts talking about you with their friends. You should suspect he or she is falling for you. If they tell their friends they are sure you would love a particular dress or if they discuss your likes and dislikes with your friends, then it is a sign they may be falling for you.

Remembering things, you did together

Third, when they remember things that you have done together. It is a sure sign they may be falling for you. So, if you are about to order a drink and they chime in don't you like this particular drink. It shows they are developing feelings for you. They may also display their feelings for you in other ways, like by texting you that they are coming to see you and they are wearing the cologne you like so much.

No alcohol in your presence

Fourth, if you hang out with your friends with benefits and he does not order alcohol, then again this shows something is going on in their hearts. Nobody likes to hang out with someone without at least getting high on alcohol.

Ordering your favorite dish

Fifth, when they start ordering your favorite dish, you know their hearts are set on you. If they order food before you get to their place, then it shows a few things. One of these things is they remember what you like. Second, it shows they are looking forward to or is excited about meeting you. Third, it shows they are developing feelings for you.

Talking together

Sixth, you can tell love is in the air when the talk turns to things that are not related to your everyday plans. If all your friends with benefits was interested in was a hookup then they would not ask about your welfare. If they want to hang out with you, then they are indicating that they have feelings of love for you.

Wants to come over to your apartment

Finally, you can tell your friends with benefits are becoming serious about your relationship when they start showing an inclination to visit your apartment. If they did not have feelings for you, then they probably would not make an effort to come and see you. Coming over to see you shows your friends with benefits is developing stronger feelings for you.

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