5 Essential FWB Rules You Must Obey

Although there are no hard and fast rules for any sort of relation, there are some essential rules for friends with benefits relation. Without a boundary and a set of rules in this sort of relation, you can be led into great problems. To avoid conflict and awkward situations, one must keep a few set of rules in mind. Having some rules make things clear for you and for your partner. This makes it easier to understand and know where to stop and where to proceed. It clears your mind with regards to how much to expect from the other person.


Before you proceed with your friends with benefits relationship you'd like to clear your expectations on this relation to your partner. Clear false hopes and keep it clear that this relationship is casual. If you feel it has the potential to grow into something big, then apprise your partner beforehand about this feeling. This will ensure you don't end up being hurt. A crystal clear understanding it's the key to a successful relationship. When terms are already decided then there is a less chance of deviation from it.

Maintain secrecy

If you and your partner agree to keep your fling a secret, then honour the word and keep your relation in the closet. You should not get excited and tell other people about it as it can be extremely detrimental and disappointing for your partner and you. Some people don't want to openly admit they are in a casual relation for many reasons such as respect and reputation. If you are in a relation with your co-worker you would want to keep it a secret. If anyone finds out then the whole building would be discussing about your fling. You might even get fired for having a relation with your co-workers as some companies don't permit flings.

Other reasons to maintain secrecy can be to avoid disgrace in the family. Some family members are conservative and don't think it is alright to have a casual relationship. In such cases it is best to avoid any conflict. You must also have a fool proof system to hide your affair from your wife or husband in case you are married. If you are married then you should consider keeping your casual date as a secret.

Keep it protected

Always use protection before performing sexual intercourses. You don't want to land in an awkward situation afterwards. You might have to opt for an abortion later on as such things can come out of the blue. Some women want to keep the baby and they don't opt for abortions as they get emotionally involved. This is sometimes not in control of the woman because it is something natural. Motherly emotions overcome all logic and then you will be left devastated.

Don't fall in love

Although holding yourself back can be a little difficult, trying keeping yourself away from the spell of love. This can ruin things for you and for your partner. When expectations are not met then there are disappointments.

Keep your partner and yourself happy

No matter what, never stop having fun. Join each other in their hobbies and try to go with the flow. This is the best way to keep your worries at bay. If she likes to go swimming, join her. Play games and do combined activities, you can also join the gym together. This will not only improve your emotional health but your physical health also. Respect each other and don't keep high expectations from each other. Keep in mind that your relationship is casual which can end anytime. Try to make the best of your time. Spend quality time with each other and stay away from quarrels. Be great in bed and try out new techniques to improve your sexual pleasures. This is your best time to learn to get better in bed. Utilise this time well.

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