Tips for Finding Casual Relationships On Tinder

Tinder has increased chances of young guys finding a one-night hook up and casual relationships tremendously. You simply need to swipe right until you find that perfect match and voila you're almost there. However, finding a friend with benefits can be much more pleasing and less work in the long run. It isn't an easy feat initially. That's for sure. However, with little common sense you both can work it out and have frequent one night hook ups without getting emotionally attached to each other. Follow these simple rules to avoid getting in trouble during your quest to find a fwb.

Pick your FWB partner wisely

It's important to get to know the person to know that they don't have any love interests anywhere and is totally available in all sense. Next, be sure to give their bio a thorough look. It can give you an insight into their personality type. If they don't have many interests or hobbies, they'll tend to be clingier. So take it as a red alarm and evacuate immediately. If you feel the other person is in pursuit of a serious relationship, it's better to just avoid the conversation altogether.

Communicate Openly

If you are looking for casual relationship, it's important to mention that in your bio of Tinder. This will give the other person an idea about your intention for that relationship and they'll tweak their actions accordingly. Don't be shy to show your intentions initially as hiding them away will only make things worse. It's preferable that you like your fwb partner however don't get emotionally attached to them. Remember you're looking for casual hook up only without any strings attached to it.

Pre-Hook up Meet Up

After the initial conversation, ask the person to meet you somewhere in person. Pick a casual place for hangout and nothing fancy. Meet at your local bar and share a drink with them. As a guy, try making the girl comfortable however don't compliment their personality and just keep it to their looks and body. Once you start kissing, let things flow from there and enjoy the moment.

Setting Ground Rules

Before the first hook-up, it's important to set the ground rules for your Tinder fwb relationship. By laying the work at first, you'll make sure that none of the parties get hurt. Every couple is different however having a small talk before sex is encouraged so both of you are on the same page. Let the other person know if you are getting emotionally involved in this and just evacuate the relationship.

Lastly, be sure to see other people and swipe right on your Tinder Profile quite often. Let your fwb partner know about your journey to find true love so they do the same as well. Hanging out with an fwb partner is okay however you should spend more time together in bed than outside of it. Just follow these simple tricks to avoid getting hurt and enjoy a casual relationship by simply swiping right!

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