Can Friends With Benefits Fall in Love?

Friends with benefits are fast becoming a trend. Based on a recent study about the issue, 60 % college students have had this type of relationship at least once in college. Many prefer a sexual relationship with no commitment as being practical when you are young. However, lots of people are seeking and trying to establish "friends with benefits" arrangements, or FWB.

What Is a FWB All About?

A person you consider a friend whom you have sexual activity with; however, no true relationship is involved. The individual is not considered a girlfriend or boyfriend. Many consider the dynamics of friends with benefits as more sustainable, and often clearer, than a real relationship. Your boyfriends and girlfriends may change from time to time, but FWB has stood the test of time.

To Make It Works:


  • Be honest.
  • Become friends.
  • Be emotionally ready.
  • Men wear your condoms.


  • Sleepover and/or indulge in cuddling after sex.
  • Get jealous of partner's friends.
  • Pretend it is a serious relationship.
  • Make it all about sex.

Can You Fall in Love?

People in FWB have fallen in love but results of studies and in real life are discouraging. A study made on several casual relationships revealed a dark horizon for hookups to turn into a romance.

Another study using 191 subjects of white & straight women averaging the age of 30 showed that only 15% of partners were able to transform FWB with something serious. It was a rare thing development between Hollywood stars, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis to make their movie, Friends with Benefits to become a reality.

Results of studies found that after a year of serious commitment, 31% of the couple no longer had anything to do with their FWB; while 28% reverted to being friends minus the sex, and 26% continued doing the same FWB thing. It is often the case that after a year, the commitment grows shaky and cold while love flies out of the window.

It is a mistake to fall in love with FWB forgetting into the 15% bracket is almost impossible.

Tips to Turn FWB Serious

Although, the odds are poor, you can still try to turn the relationship into a commitment. Utilize these tips and it might work for you.

  • Spend more quality time with your FWB. You can call him over not just for sex; invite him to a movie or dinner out. Know him outside of the bedroom.
  • Communicate and talk to him about yourself and your life. Encourage him to open up with you.
  • Make the necessary changes to accommodate this guy in your life. You may need to see if there's any room for personal growth and sacrifices.
  • Go on small adventures that bring excitement and anticipation. The more you create interesting events outside the bedroom, the better your relationship will be strengthened.
  • Hope for true love. It is often said that the more time you spend having casual sex with someone, the likelier you are to eventually fall in love.

Four Possible Outcomes

1. They lived separate lives as no romantic attachment developed.

2. Unrequited love is often the result of FWB as hearts cannot be dictated whom to fall in love with.

3. Both developed feelings for each other and decide to be committed for each other. Until one both realize that they have ended with the wrong partner.

4. Happy ending happens when move from just being FWB to graduate into a proper relationship which most often leads to marriage. And they live happily ever after?

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