9 Rules for Friends with Benefits Sex

Friends with benefits sex is a great style of relationship. One that is becoming even more popular than it has been in the past. For those who have considered a friends with benefits sex relationship, there is a lot you should know. Today we are going to cover everything you need to know before you start your relationship.

Friends with Benefits Sex

FWB Relationships Are Very Flexible

There is no one type of friends with benefits relationship. One of the first things you should do with your partner, is talk about the rules of your relationship. Also go over what you expect from the relationship. This helps to form a good relationship.

Falling In Love Should Not Be A Goal

Some people go into a friends with benefits go into a relationship because they think they want more in the future. This isn't the goal of a FWB relationship. If you want to seek something with the potential for more, be honest from day one.

Later on in the relationship if you do end up falling in love, that can be worked with but don't try to hide your feelings.

Don't Do Anything That May Be Confused For A Date

It is okay to have some friend like conversation and sometimes friends with benefits will do something other than have sex. But it is very important to not confuse anything you do with being a date. Never go on a date with a friend with benefits. That is a mistake that is made in many FWB relationships that fail.

Friends Are Separate From Friends With Benefits

Friends are a great thing to have. So are friends with benefits. But when the two mix, it is never a good idea. Friends with benefits should be kept separate from all of your other friends unless your FWB is already part of your friend group. That makes it difficult and is a situation that needs to be addressed with your partner.

Friends With Benefits Are Not Exclusive

Unless you both specifically agree that your relationship is exclusive, your friends with benefits relationship should be considered open. In general it is best to agree on an open relationship though. A closed friends with benefits relationship can quickly become blurred if you are exclusive like a traditional relationship.

Anyways, part of the fun of having a FWB relationship is being able to have more than one at a time.

Learn Not To Be Jealous

Your partner is going to sleep with other people. It is important to learn to not be jealous about that. Remember, you are free to sleep with other people too. If you find yourself being jealous it is important to think over the relationship. It can help to tell yourself that there is no reason to be jealous but if you have trouble with that, you want to start reevaluating your relationship.

Don't Go Around Bragging About It

A lot of friends with benefits relationships end because one of the partners ends up talking about the relationship. FWBs are meant to be at least partially secretive and often times partners want to remain anonymous when it comes to telling friends.

Always Practice Safe Sex

As we have addressed a couple of times in this article, friends with benefits sex aren't exclusive. That means you do not know who they have been with. Keep that in mind and always practice safe sex. Aka, use protection. Not only are you looking to protect against pregnancy but also STDs/STIs.

If you absolutely must have unprotected sex, you and your partner should get screened for STDs monthly. Again, we highly recommend against that route.

Be Honest And Communicate

Any relationship whether its serious or a FWB relationship needs to have communication. No matter what you do, be open and honest with your partner. Should something not be right communicate with them. But don't forget to communicate when something is right too. They won't know what you like without communication.

When you are looking to have a friends with benefits sex it is important that you know these facts. They will make all the difference with your partner and help you to keep a healthy FWB relationship.

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